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Diman makes "Buddy Bench" for Silvia Elementary

Students, staff, and the bench By Timothy Powers, Jr.
Physical Education Teacher
Frank M. Silvia Elementary School

Schools all across the country have been trying different strategies to make students feel safe and a part of their community. Thanks to the students of the Metal Fabrication and Joining Technology program at Diman, Silvia Elementary School now has the ability to try a successful project on their own playground.

Through the partnership of these two Fall River institutions, Silvia now has their very own "Buddy Bench" to implement at the beginning of next school year. The "Buddy Bench" is a strategy used at recess to promote inclusion among all students. While playing at recess, students are reminded to keep an eye out on the bench. If a student feels lonely, left out, or just wants to make new friendships, they are advised to take a seat on the Buddy Bench. Students are aware of these reasons why someone would be sitting down in that location, and will pledge to include that student in the activity that they are playing during recess.

By using the Buddy Bench, students at the Silvia Elementary School are using their interpersonal communication skills to promote inclusion and friendship at recess. Diman Regional High School has built an amazing bench that will be promoting these values at Silvia Elementary School for years to come!

The bench  The bench