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Retired Diman teacher earns award, passes on legacy


Carreiro being presented the award

The group of students and teachers

The group of students and teachers
Diman is pleased to announce that recently retired teacher Edward Carreiro has won the American Welding Society’s “Howard E. Adkins Memorial Instructor Award.”

Carreiro, who retired from the Metal Fabrication and Joining Technologies program in 2016, was surprised when the award was presented to him on 1/5/17, but that didn’t stop him from offering sage advice to students in shop.

“You can always learn something new, you can always improve,” he implored the 11th and 12th grade students. “Keep that in mind.”

Carreiro continued to improve during his 31 years experience at Diman, earning a master’s degree in education and innumerable certifications and new skills.

His legacy will continue to live on at Diman, where four former students are now instructors in the program. Carreiro clearly has passed on his desire for constant learning to his former students, now teachers, as he was in the shop to train several instructors on the CNC plasma cutter.

Said Tom Ferry, of the American Welding Society, “We personally cannot think of anyone better than Mr. Carreiro to receive this award.”

“Through this award, the AWS has recognized all your hard work and years of passing on your knowledge of the welding industry, directing students through a great career path, helping with life choices, and guiding students in the right direction,” continued his written statement.

Nathan Byrnes, Director of Media Services

The group of students and teachers
With the award