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Diman thanks Lowe’s for shop improvement

Lowe’s beheld the results of their financial support on Tuesday, March 22, when the new Engineering/Technology Center was unveiled during a ribbon-cutting ceremony in Diman’s Machine Tool Technology shop.
Front – Sara Jesus, Tyler Hannon, Kiana Gonsalves, Jessica Liles, Felipe Ferreira, Austin Medeiros Back - Noah Gouveia, Natha
Front – Sara Jesus, Tyler Hannon, Kiana Gonsalves, Jessica Liles, Felipe Ferreira, Austin Medeiros
Back - Noah Gouveia, Nathan Pacheco, Brendan Berube, Brandon Pacheco, Carole Fiola, Paul Schmid, Elijah Moniz

The new center was funded by a $25,000 grant from Lowe’s Charitable and Educational Foundation that was administered by SkillsUSA. It was built by Diman students and teachers over the last year, with much of the work coming last summer.
The center will prove invaluable to students and staff in the increasingly computerized machining field. The project doubled the space and allowed the program to triple the amount of workstations available for students to program their projects.
“It’s really going to increase the opportunities for students in the Machine Tool Technology program,” said Superintendent-Director Marta Montleon. “We appreciate Lowe’s support tremendously.”
Diman was able to thank three Lowe’s employees directly, as David Gomes, Clint Rossi, and David Fowler all attended the ribbon cutting ceremony. They were joined by State Senator Michael Rodrigues, Representative Carole Fiola, Representative Paul Schmid, as well as Diman students, teachers, and administrators.
Dartmouth Lowe’s Store Manager Rossi spoke of the collaborative aspect of the partnership when he said, “Thank you for allowing us the privilege of being a contributing, dynamic part of your community. This is what Lowe’s is all about.”
Lowe’s provided the money, but Diman provided the labor. “We would not be here today, and this new learning environment would not have become a reality, without the dedication and expertise of several instructors and students from Diman’s construction trades,” explained Assistant Superintendent/Principal Kyle Alves.
“I would like to recognize Mr. Jeffery Cabral and Mr. Manny Botelho, two Carpentry-Cabinetmaking instructors; Mr. Armand Larguinha, an Electricity instructor; Mr. Edward Carreiro, a Metal Fabrication and Joining Technologies instructor; and Mr. Patrick Bowen and Mr. Michael Berube, two Building and Property Maintenance instructors; as well as all of their students for working countless hours during this past summer and school year to construct this state-of- the-art engineering and technology center,” continued Alves.
Senator Rodrigues was enthusiastic about the project and Diman. “Every time I walk into this building I’m amazed by everything that’s going on here,” he said. “I don’t think there’s a school anywhere that prepares its students for a 21st century economy and life more than Diman. I’d like to thank Lowes for their sponsorship. This is amazing what [Diman has] done with the money.”
Representative Fiola echoed his sentiments, saying, “It’s just incredible what you all have here at Diman. To think of the technology that’s needed in today’s workforce, we learn every day about the skills that are needed for the next generation and you’re getting it right here.”
Lowe’s Market Director Gomes agreed. “Just walking through the school today, I’m truly impressed with everything that I see. It makes us feel good to be here and be a part of this celebration and we thank everyone involved with making this a success.”
Representative Schmid spoke of the opportunities for Diman grades. “The wonderful news is, we’re told there are thousands of unfilled jobs for men and women like you who have the education,” he said.
Schmid did offer one specific suggestion for Diman grads: “For gosh sakes, stay in the greater Fall River area,” he grinned.
Nathan Byrnes, Media Services Coordinator