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Diman on the cutting edge, literally

Machine Tool students
Pictured, left to right, juniors Austin Medeiros, Connor Chace, Andrew Sousa, Jeffrey Harris
There’s a sparkling addition to the rows and rows of machines in Diman’s Machine Tool Technology Program: a brand-new Mazak Vertical Center Smart 410A machining center.

Diman is the first high school in the state to have one of their machines. “They’re extremely expensive. They’re a VERY nice, high-end, top-of-the-line machine,” explained department head Michael Oliveira. Mazak has a significant presence in the industry, controlling 30% of the machine tool market.

“It'll be a huge advantage for our students. When they go out to the job market, if the company has a Mazak machine, our students can say ‘Oh, sure, I've worked on a Mazak machine, and am familiar with the Mazak control system,’” said Oliveira. “That opens a lot of doors.”

Mazak machines understand both industry-standard G-Code as well as their own proprietary Mazatrol language. The machine will allow Diman students to gain invaluable experience with the Mazatrol language, which provides yet another edge for the school’s graduates.

Explained Oliveira, “[Cooperative Educational Coordinator] Kevin Lazaro and I have been out checking out companies for our co-op program over the past several years. We've seen that quite a few companies have Mazak machines.”

Mazak helped make the machine affordable to Diman by knocking 30% off the price. Half of the remaining $100,000 was covered by the Massachusetts Vocational Opportunity Challenge competitive grant program, with the other half paid by Diman.

Oliveira is thrilled with the acquisition, saying “I'm looking forward to using the machine. it's another feather in our cap and will help make Diman that much more marketable for our students.”

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