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As Diman staff look back on '88 expansion, they look forward to further growth

As Diman staff look back on '88 expansion, they look forward to further growth

FALL RIVER - In the 1980s, Diman was a school bursting at the seams with programs, with machines, with disciplines struggling for space.

“They had a couple of programs under the gym,” said Michael Oliveira, head of Diman’s Machine Tool Technology Department. Oliveira graduated from Diman in 1975 and returned as a teacher in 1982.

The plumbing shop was in the gym,” Oliveira said.

In 1988, what Diman teachers, students and alumni call the “D” wing was built.

“It was an expansion to deal with our space limitations,” Thomas Aubin, vocational coordinator at Diman, said.

“And we had gotten more and more females, so there was a big expansion in office technology and dental classes,” Oliveira said.

In 1988, money was tight, very tight, Aubin said. “We would have loved to put another floor on the D Building or to have the building built so we could add a floor.”

Oliveira said Diman is a much different school now. “A lot of our students go on to further their education. We have a lot more course offerings. When I was here as a student, hardly anyone was going on to college.”

Looking back on the opening of the new wing in 1988 causes staffers to be more ambitious than nostalgic.

“We’ve talked about another expansion,” Aubin said. “We’ve talked about it a lot. We could accommodate classes in child care, cosmetology, teaching assistant classes.”

“We’d like to expand our cafeteria, too,” said Brian Bentley, assistant superintendent director/principal.

“We’re a perfect 800 enrollment school and we have 1,350 students,” Bentley said. “We’ve made classrooms out of closets.”

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