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Health Assisting students earn CNA certification


29 Health Assisting juniors have completed the Nurse Aide Training Program, which begins in the freshman year and continues through the junior year.

Training involves a clinical rotation at Kimwell Healthcare in Fall River, where students are given a resident assignment and apply knowledge and skills learned in shop to care for residents in a long-term care setting.

Once students are certified, they become eligible to work at local healthcare facilities as CNAs through Diman’s Cooperative Education Program.

They are: Aryana Alexander, Ariana Berryman, Alyse Cabral, Kyle Cacchione, Veronica Concepcion, Brianna Cordeiro, Kylie Cordeiro, Jocelyn DeSousa, Shawntyana Dias, Kaitlyn Dube, Serena Esteves, Breanne Ferreira, Callie Ferreira, Bianca Harrop, Kandice Hoyte, Alexie Jeronimo, Katelyn Laverdiere, Sarina Matos, Ashley Medeiros, Brianna Melo, Haleigh Olsen, Emma Plante, Caitlin Raposo, Niya Roderigues, Abigail Simbro, Beatriz Sousa, Jaide Sousa, Rachael Talbot, and Hailey Tripp

The students