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The end of an era at Diman


The year was 1984. Ronald Regan was president. Michael Jackson’s Thriller dominated the charts, the airwaves, and MTV (they played music videos back then). The Soviet Union boycotted the Olympics in Los Angeles. Mrs. Karen Oliveira began her career as a Health Assisting teacher at Diman.

Regan, Jackson, and the Soviet Union are all gone, and after today, Oliveira will be gone from her position at Diman. She’s retiring after 32 years of proud service to the district, and she will be missed.
“People come and go but she has impacted SO MANY of our students in what is a tremendous program,” said Superintendent-Director Thomas Aubin at the Fall Advisory Board meeting. “She’s a superstar, and we’re going to miss her terribly.”
“It’s been a pleasure working with Diman for 32 years,” replied Oliveira.
Some quick facts about when Oliveira started at Diman:
  • Ronald Regan was reelected president. 
  • The Dow Jones Industrial Average was at 1211. NASDAQ didn’t exist.
  • Ghostbusters was released, as was Indiana Jones, Gremlins, Beverly Hills Cop, Footloose, Karate Kid, and The Terminator
  • Top TV shows - Dynasty; Dallas; The Cosby Show; 60 Minutes; Family Ties; The A-Team; Simon & Simon; Murder, She Wrote; Knots Landing; and Falcon Crest
  • Top albums– Michael Jackson’s Thriller, Prince’s Purple Rain, Bruce Springsteen’s Born in the USA, The Police’s Synchronicity, Van Halen’s 1984, Billy Joel’s An Innocent Man, and Tina Turner’s What’s Love Got To Do With It
  • Born in 1984: Lebron James, Katy Perry, Avril Levigne, Scarlett Johansson, Carmelo Anthony
  • Average house price was $101,000 and the average car price was $6,294
  • The first Apple Macintosh computer goes on sale
  • The first CD players are released
  • The Braga Bridge wasn’t under construction!

Nathan Byrnes, Media Services Coordinator
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