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Diman alumnus featured on TV

From WJAR 11. Watch the video here.

National Cake Decorating Day sparks up Hilario and Erne's creativity on set!

Diman Culinary Arts graduate Celeste Chaves (class of 2015) stopped by Studio10 in honor of National Cake Decorating Day.

The owner of Cakes by Celeste in Dartmouth, MA taught Studio10 hosts Mario Hilario and Christina Erne how to make cute and simple monster cupcakes that're perfect for the Halloween season.

Chaves said when it comes to cake decorating, there's really no big secret. She recommended fellow bakers out there just use their imaginations and have fun!

To make the monster cupcakes, it just takes a couple swirls of frosting, a dip of sprinkles and a dab of eyeballs!

She brought in her famously seasonal apple pie, pumpkin spice, chocolate and maple pancake cupcakes for Hilario and Christina to enjoy!

More information on Cakes by Celeste can be found on the location's FaceBook Page, linked here!