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Coronavirus Update

CLICK HERE to access the Greater Fall River Community Resource Guide, including information with Soup Kitchen Dates, Food Pantry Dates, and Emergency Food and Toiletry Assistance.
For emergency mental health crisis support, please visit your nearest emergency room or contact Bay Cove Mobile Crisis at 617-371-3000. 
As always, in case of an immediate emergency, dial 911.

Dear Diman Community,
In recent days, you have likely heard the escalating reports connected to the Coronavirus (COVID-19) in Massachusetts and Rhode Island.  Effective March 3, 2020, Diman Regional has started a precautionary protocol associated with the cleanliness of our building.  Custodial staff members are working to keep all solid surfaces clean and disinfected. 
Additionally, staff members are working to keep all sanitizer dispensers filled throughout the school and campus.  We ask everyone to follow recommendations sent out by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) regarding proper precautions including washing and sanitizing hands regularly during the day.  Communication will be vital during these challenging times.  We ask you to report potential issues to the school administration in a timely manner.  
As more information and advisories are issued, we will continue to send information to parents and students.  We thank you for your continued support with this issue.
Dr. Elvio Ferreira, Ed.D.
Interim Superintendent-Director/Principal
Diman Regional Vocational Technical High School
508.678.2891 ext. 1920