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Update from Washington DC

2017 Science advocacy trip to Washington DC
From the desk of Science Department Head Steve Vaitses,

Dylan, Kylie and Mason have been amazing, as has been Mrs. Cooney (who has been indispensable). We are truly working as a team and it's fun too!

The staff from CSE coached us all on what to expect and assigned us a team leader that has been extremely helpful.

Most important, Dylan, Kylie, and Mason have all been extremely articulate in conveying their message to all we have met wit. They have already developed, and continue to develop, their message as we present more people with real facts and emotion about how important it is to encourage robust funding of science education through similar types of opportunities for their student peers. Dylan even opened up the meeting with Representative Kennedy, which was a real treat!

The legislators and their staff have been extremely receptive and supportive of the need for furthering space exploration, but even more fundamentally importantly, they all seem to recognize the extreme importance of embracing science education and the impact of providing dreams as stimulus for our teachers to leverage (and our students to explore) as a motivating factor in their career aspiration development. Science is so important and we plug Diman and science funding and opportunities like this for students every chance we get!

I can not express enough the quality and positive attitude and readiness these students have demonstrated as they step up to the challenges some of which were very undefined such as the meeting with Senator Warren today which was initially very intimidating but they stepped up!

What seems like many days has really only been 2 days yet so much was accomplished.

I can not imagine a more productive trip or a better group to work with. I am so proud of them all...

Mrs. O'Connell, I wish you could be here with us as you should and would be very proud of what these kids have and are accomplishing and I know they truly appreciate all you did to help them realize their potential. These are great kids!

My very best,
Mr. Vaitses