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Lead letter to the public

Dear Diman Community:
As the safety of our students and staff are of paramount concern, the purpose of this correspondence is to keep you aware of the actions the District has taken to keep everyone safe from the harmful effects of lead, or other elements, in our drinking water. In October 2016, Diman Regional Vocational Technical High School joined a voluntary program offered by the Massachusetts Departments of Public Health (DPH) and Environmental Protection (DEP) to test our school for lead and copper in our drinking and cooking water. Diman joins over 150 school districts across the Commonwealth of Massachusetts who have participated in the program to date.

Prior to testing, the Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection (MassDEP) had determined that lead levels higher than 15 parts per billion (ppb), or copper levels in drinking water exceeding 1300 ug/L., exceed safety levels and require action by the District to prevent consumption through drinking or cooking sources. The October test results at Diman identified two areas of concern requiring immediate action:

  • The water fountain in the school cafeteria tested just above the action level for lead at 0.0156mg/l. The fountain has been decommissioned and a new water filling station will replace the fountain in question. 
  • Two sinks located in the in the Nurses’ Office also tested high for lead. For these areas, a maintenance schedule has been established, whereby members of our custodial staff run the faucets in the affected areas for two minutes each day before the arrival of students or staff. A record of these actions is kept by the Supervisor of Buildings and Grounds.

It should be noted that the source for our water is safe and that contaminants are coming from fixtures and not the drinking supply.

We will continue to partner with the MassDEP to monitor our water sources at the school and will take all steps necessary to keep the Diman community safe.