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Dental Assistant Spotlight- Hailey

Hailey Submitted to Diman by Perfect Smiles

Perfect Smiles is extremely fortunate to have a close relationship with Diman Regional Vocational Technical High School in Fall River, MA. The relationship has been something that was in the making since the inception of the Dental Assisting Program in September of 1998.

Maria Torres, Assistant Principal of Technical Affairs, began working for Dr. Ahearn in 1988. She was with him at the start of our Westport location. Maria left Perfect Smiles to pursue teaching in the newly established Dental Assisting Program and continued to do so for 18 years before assuming her current role. Knowing how passionate and dedicated Dr. Ahearn is to not only serving the community but also in the advancement of others, Maria was able to bridge the gap between the office and the Dental Assisting Program.

Throughout her tenure at Diman, Maria Torres has continued to work closely with Perfect Smiles and aided in placing dozens of students on co-op with us. Many of them go on to receive Outstanding Vocational Student Awards their graduating year, limited to the most talented individual in each vocation that year. Many of those same students have graduated from the Dental Assisting Program and have continued to be part of the Perfect Smiles family. Between both of our offices, approximately 60% of the Perfect Smiles team is made up of Diman graduates, including our CEO Nicole Moniz. They not only have a close relationship with Perfect Smiles but also with Design Ergonomics who has also seen many of their co-op students remain part of their team as well.

We have felt honored to be able to keep a close working relationship with Diman Regional Vocational Technical High School. To be able to help guide, perfect, and hone the Dental Assisting Program student’s passions and skills has been very fulfilling and rewarding, not just to the students, but also to ourselves. Dr. Miranda continues to sit on the Dental Assisting Advisory Board at Diman, lending her invaluable knowledge and expertise. Maria Torres and the students have also volunteered their time to great causes with us; such as Dentistry from the Heart and Veterans events.

One such co-op student who is on our team and has grown tremendously is Hailey Roderick. Hailey continues to shine on our team and has been able to go through our Dental Assisting Training Ladder with ease. She encompasses all of our core values and is always looking for ways to help the team and improve her patient care. All through her hard work and determination, at only 19, Hailey was just recently able to purchase her first car on her own. Though many of you may have met Hailey when in for a visit, we know that many of you may have yet to meet her. We asked her to tell you a little bit more about herself.

  1. Out of all of the programs offered at Diman, what made you choose the Dental Assisting Program?
    I have always been interested in the dental field and all the endless opportunities that are available. I also love being hands-on!
  2. What do you enjoy the most about being a dental assistant and why?
    I love being a dental assistant because I love helping people regain confidence in their smiles and making them feel at ease while they’re in the chair.
  3. What is something that surprised you about the dental field that you didn't realize until you started working at Perfect Smiles?
    Something that surprised me was the emotional side of the job. I love being able to see the reactions of patients once they regain confidence in their smiles again!
  4. Is there a particular procedure that you enjoy assisting on more than any other and if so why?
    I love doing everything! There is not a specific procedure I like more than the other. I love that there is always something different throughout the day!
  5. What do you enjoy doing most in your free time?
    I love spending time with my friends and family, watching sports, and designing new things with my Cricut machine.
  6. Tell us something about you that the team would be surprised to hear?
    I love music and singing. I'm constantly listening to different types of music and always singing and humming songs throughout the day!

  7. What do you love most about being on the Perfect Smiles team?
    I love the environment and the culture. It never feels like work when I’m here! There’s always room to grow and get better as an assistant!
  8. If you could give one piece of advice to anyone on the fence about whether or not the Dental Assisting Program at Diman is right for them what would that be?
    Do it! You will have so many great opportunities and it is an awesome program. The Diman Dental Assisting program puts you in the right direction by teaching you all you need to know about the field of dentistry and you get to take two out of the three board exams you need to become a CDA.