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Littlefield Talking to Students
Diman students recently had the opportunity to enjoy a visit from Lyndsey Littlefield, the current Miss Massachusetts. She spoke to students in the Dental Assisting, Health Assisting, Medical Assisting, and Business Technology shops.
Lyndsey is a Taunton native who graduated from Bristol-Plymouth's Dental Assisting Program in 2005. She recently represented Massachusetts in the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade and Miss America 2.0, which was nationally televised in December.
Lyndsey spoke with the students about her vocational background and the skills she was able to develop as a vocational student. She currently attends Bridgewater State College, where she is part of a team conducting extensive research on the dentition and biteforce of the vesper family of bats. 
She and her team recently developed and patented a bite force sensor, and their extensive research on the morphological relationship of bite force and food preference in the Vespertilionidae family of bats will be published in May. Lyndsey also shared stories about her visit to Cambodia last year, where she was part of a team that implemented safe water systems in remote villages. 
Lyndsey is a huge advocate for vocational education and the opportunities afforded to vocational students, and she encouraged all the students in front of her to follow their hearts, develop their own unique brand, and stay true to their brand, just as she has. Thank you to Lyndsey for visiting, and for being such a huge inspiration for our students!
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