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Diman dental double donations


Dentistry from the Heart
Diman students, faculty, and alumni all contributed to Dentistry from the Heart
The generosity of Diman’s Dental Assisting program is well-known, so it should come as no surprise that they started the current school year with two charitable events in the first month. First, students and staff lent a hand in the annual Dentistry from the Heart program in Seekonk, then another group of students and staff participated in the Health First Second Annual 3-mile Walkathon.
Dentistry from the Heart, now in its ninth year at Southcoast Smiles, is an annual event that Diman’s students have helped at for the past eight years. Not only did Diman send four students and a teacher, nine of the employees of Dr. David J. Ahearn are Diman alumni.
This year, the event provided over $65k worth of dental work to 173 patients on September 10th.
“Many of these patients have fallen on tough times due to economic hardships and are still getting back on their feet after losing jobs and therefore their insurance,” explained Dental Assisting Department Head Maria Torres.
“It's a wonderful experience for the students to be involved in such a rewarding event that gives back to the community.”
Dr. Ahern’s staff was thrilled with Diman’s contribution, writing, “A special thank you to Maria and the Diman students for running sterilization. WOW! What an amazing job this year!”
Charity Walk
Pictured with the dental assisting students, in the center from left to right are Dr. Anila Khalid, Health First Dental Director, Renee Rodrigues, Health First Dental Outreach Coordinator, Julie Almond, Health First CEO and Jeannine Carreiro, Diman Dental Assisting Instructor

A photo of the van
A photo of the van from June, 2017

Dental assisting students also participated in the second annual Health First Annual 3-Mile Walkathon on September 24th at the Bristol Community College Pond. The event supported Health First’s Dental Outreach Program by helping them to buy a van to bring equipment to their various sites.
"I am so proud with the turnout of our students, especially being held on a Saturday,” said Dental Assisting Instructor Jeannine Carreiro. “We had 26 dental assisting students along with their family members and friends participating in the walkathon.”
The students raised $500 to donate to the cause (and become Silver Sponsors) by volunteering to collect donations during lunch periods. “It proves how the Diman community pulls together to contribute to others,” enthused Carreiro.
Carreiro’s students agreed. "I felt really fortunate to be part of the walkathon, because I knew I was making a difference,” said senior Gabriela Vultao. “Raising so much money made me feel even better because it contributed even more to the cause"
"I had a good experience with my friends and I enjoyed helping out the community," contributed sophomore Celina Andreoli.
There was even an added bonus – making connections. Explained Carreiro, “It was also a great opportunity for the students to network with the dentist.”
In addition to the walkathon and their regular contributions to Dentistry from the Heart, Dental Assisting also contributes to Team Smiles at Yankee Dental, collects holiday toys, raised money to provide cleft lip surgeries, teaches proper dental care to pre-K students with Citizens for Citizens' Head Start, and conducts a variety of other charity events.
Nathan Byrnes, Media Services Coordinator
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