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Diman Dental Assisting students ace the ICE

Diman Dental Assisting students ace the ICE

Dental Back row, left to right: Makenna Springer, Marissa Brum, Keanna Delgado, Hannah Sanner, Marissa Talbot, Hailey Levesque
Middle Row, left to right: Lacey Perry, Courtney Pereira, Lauren Kerrigan, Rebekah Costa, Chrysten Silvia, Alanah Campos 
Front row, left to right: Morgan Cordeiro, Zoe Cohen, Angela Nguyen, Jenna Gosson, Jerika Estrela
Students in Diman's Dental Assisting Program outpaced national test takers in the Dental Assistant National Board Infection Control Exam (ICE) in Warwick, RI. Diman sophomores achieved a 94% pass rate in the 90-minute exam that typically has a nationwide 72% pass rate for high school post-graduates.

"The Dental Assisting students have been working very hard since the beginning of the school year to prepare for the Infection Control Exam," said Dental Assisting Instructor Linda Pettine.  "The students were very nervous taking the exam and I am very proud of their hard work in passing the exam." 

"These are 15 year-olds passing an exam that post-grads really struggle with," explained Pettine.

Occupational Coordinator Thomas Aubin was as impressed with the students' compassion as he was with their ability. "Although 17 of the 18 students passing the exam shows incredible dedication and hard work, I was profoundly impressed with their empathy for the one student who did not pass. There was no celebration as they got off the bus," said Aubin. "Theses are truly decent human beings who were more concerned for their classmate than they were for their own success."

Passing the test were Marissa Brum, Alanah Campos, Zoe Cohen, Rebekah Costa, Morgan Cordeiro, Keanna Delgado, Jerika Estrela, Jenna Gosson, Lauren Kerrigan, Hailey Levesque, Angela Nguyen, Courtney Pereira, Lacey Perry, Hannah Sanner, Chrysten Silvia, Makenna Springer, Marissa Talbot.

The Infection Control Exam tests the students' knowledge of infectious diseases and protection against them, as well as OSHA Bloodborne Pathogens and Hazard Communications standards. Students are also tested on physical hazards and safe use of dangerous chemicals.

The exam is one of three tests students must pass to become a certified dental assistant in Massachusetts. Students also have to pass the Radiation Health and Safety Exam and the Chairside Assisting Exam. Students will take the radiation exam in their junior year and the chairside test is done after 3,200 hours working in the field.

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