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Diman Dental Assisting students shine again

Dental students
Front row, l-r: Lindsay Martel, Briana Lima, Courtney Travers, Coty Thomas, Brittany Taborda, Jessie Menard, Kassandra Sweatt, Ludymilla Grizotte 

Back row, l-r: Vanessa DeMota, Alexandra Sousa, Katelyn Silva, Amy Tien, Kayla Niewola, Madison Rapoza, Rebecca Stowell, Kaela Resendes, Jonathan Candido, Maria Torres (instructor)
Diman’s Dental Assisting students have excelled in a national certification test once more. This time, all 17 juniors have passed the Radiation Health and Safety Exam, the second of third steps for official Massachusetts Certification.

“Nationwide, only 75% of test takers pass this test” said Torres. “I’m very excited for them and their accomplishment.”

“Surpassing the national averages to the degree we did validates both the students and the program,” said Occupational Coordinator Thomas Aubin.

“I’m extremely proud of the students because the exam is critically important to their careers,” said Diman Dental Assisting Instructor Maria Torres.

The exam is the second of three exams students must take to become licensed dental assistants in Mass. They take the Dental Assistant National Board Infection Control Exam (ICE) during sophomore year and the Chairside Assisting Exam after 3,200 hours in the field.

Passing the test were Jonathan Candido, Vanessa DeMota, Ludymilla Grizotte, Briana Lima, Lindsay Martel, Jessie Menard, Kayla Niewola, Madison Rapoza, Kaela Resendes, Katelyn Silva, Alexandra Sousa, Rebecca Stowell, Kassandra Sweatt, Brittany Taborda, Amy Tien, Courtney Travers, Coty Thomas.