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A sweet gesture: Diman sophomore collects books for Boys & Girls Club

A sweet gesture: Diman sophomore collects books for Boys & Girls Club
By Deborah Allard
Herald News Staff Reporter

Celeste Chaves Celeste Chaves delivers a big donation of books, collected at her Sweet 16 party, to the library at the Boys & Girls Club of Fall River.

Dana Hubbard and Celeste Chaves Boys & Girls Club coordinator of education services Dana Hubbard listens as Celeste Chaves talks about her collection of books for the club's library.

FALL RIVER - Celeste Chaves probably could have charmed her family into buying her an iPhone, expensive sneakers, skinny jeans or a charm bracelet for her Sweet 16 birthday party.
Instead, the Diman Regional Vocational Technical High School junior asked for children’s books. And not even for herself.
Chaves must be a popular girl.
The 120 guests who attended her birthday party at the Knights of Columbus Hall in Tiverton donated 168 new and used books.
On Friday, the books, along with some videos, were donated to the Earle P. Charlton Library at the Thomas Chew Memorial Boys & Girls Club.
“Oh, it’s wonderful,” said Dana Hubbard, education coordinator at the Boys & Girls Club. “We’re all very grateful.”
Chaves said it’s something she simply wanted to do.
“I wanted to give back,” Chaves said. “I was given so much in the last 16 years.”
Chaves said she first considered collecting stuffed animals, but changed her mind.
“Kids like to read. I think it’s more interesting than stuffed animals,” Chaves said.
Chaves’ mother Daniella said they chose the Boys & Girls Club because they knew the kids would really benefit from the donation.
Chaves said it was the first time she’s made a charitable donation, but her mother said it’s something Chaves has been considering for quite a while.
“She’s always wanted to,” Daniella said. “When she was 13, she said she was going to do something for her Sweet 16.”
Chaves said it won’t be the last time she gets involved in giving back.
“I feel really great,” Chaves said. “I did something really good.”

Chaves, the daughter of Daniella and Al Chaves, and sister of Candice, 18, all of Fall River, is in Diman’s culinary arts program. She plans to study baking at Johnson & Wales University.

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