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Students get raw deal at Diman

Students and sushi Something fishy happened at Diman on Tuesday, April 23, when a pair of chefs from Roger Williams University demonstrated sushi-making skills to Diman's Culinary Arts students and staff.

After the chefs, Sai Khun and Nyi Zaw, explained the history and art of sushi-making, students were able to get their hands sticky. Khun and Zaw demonstrated three rolls - California, veggie, and tuna.

"I like it, it was fun! I've had sushi, but never made it, so it was a great experience," said junior Evan Cohen. He enjoyed the possibility of making sushi at home, explaining that, "It seems like something fun to do with my family. I thought it was tougher than it is."

"It was an unbelievable time, the students really learned a lot," exclaimed Culinary Arts Department Head Randy Benevides.

Sushi chef Khun agreed, adding "They did well ... some kids did really great and made it perfectly. They enjoyed it, and were really enthusiastic."

The students also appreciated the perspective of the Japanese teachers. "It was really interesting to learn how they make it in Japan and how it's different here," said senior Katelynn Costa.

Chef Khun explained during the demo that in Japan, the sushi is simpler - almost always just rice and fish. American sushi incorporates a wide variety of veggies, sauces, and other elements to make a more complex roll.

There will be a second demonstration for the students in the other academic cycle on May 7.

All photos by a Diman photo club student