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Diman duo design new logo for Fall River's Department of Community Maintenance fleet

Diman duo design new logo for Fall River's Department of Community Maintenance fleet 

By Will Richmond
Herald News Staff Reporter
Posted Mar 04, 2013 @ 11:30 PM

Mayor Flanagan Presents Students' Citation

Ashley Langlais and Makaila Moniz Diman students Ashley Langlais, left, and Makaila Moniz stand next to a Fall River sanitation truck featuring their winning logo contest design.
FALL RIVER — Nothing stinks about the new logos on the side of city trash trucks.

With the assistance of a pair of students from Diman Regional Vocational Technical High School, the city’s Community Maintenance Department’s fleet of vehicles are now adorned with the logo that Director Kenneth Pacheco said is intended to reflect the department’s name shift from the Department of Public Works, which took place under former Mayor Robert Correia.

“With the new cart program and an emphasis on public and customer service that we’ve adopted, along with trying to be more user-friendly in government, we wanted to make the trucks recognizable and have some uniformity,” Pacheco said as he stood in front of a sanitation truck and salt spreader parked outside of Diman.

The new logo was created by Diman juniors Ashley Langlais and Makaila Moniz after Pacheco sought the assistance of Diman’soffice management program. Challenged with having just one day to come up with the design, Langlais and Moniz came up with a look that highlights the initials DCM in mustard yellow.

Moniz said developing the design proved easy because of the tight time frame involved.

“We really didn’t have much stress because they just told us to do the best we can,” Moniz said. “We weren’t really sure we would win. There were a lot of good designs.”

While the pair were recognized by Mayor Will Flanagan and Pacheco on Friday, they said they learned their design had been chosen in a different presentation.

“Honestly it’s kind of a shock,” Langlais said. “We weren’t told it was chosen until our teacher came in one day and said it was on the side of the trucks, so it just kind of came as a surprise.”

Pacheco said the logo appears on vehicles for the departments of sanitation, traffic, engineering and parks and cemeteries.Langlais and Moniz said they have already added the logo to their portfolio, which proved handy as each has had job recent interviews.

Their teacher, Suzanne Ramos, said the contest also helps the students connect their classwork to the real world.

“We love working with the community and doing live projects because those are the projects that rally helps their skills,” Ramos said. “It shows what they’re learning really has value.”

In addition to the trucks, Pacheco said the new logos will also be printed on the department’s letter head and on new uniforms as new ones are ordered. Flanagan said it will also take a special place in the city’s lore.

“You created a design that will now be part of the city’s history,” Flanagan said.