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Diman students grant girl’s wish by building beauty salon playhouse

Also covered in a more broad article by Channel 10.

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Lanasia and her playhouse

April 5, 2024
By Ken Paiva

On Friday, Diman students made a little girl’s wish a reality at the Rhode Island Home Show at the Rhode Island Convention Center.

According to the school, it took more than 6 months and hundreds of Diman students from multiple Diman shops to develop a playhouse for Lanasia and to grant her wish.

Lanasia wanted a Fairy Beauty Salon playhouse in a log cabin, which students happily provided. Her playhouse remained a surprise for her and her family, and Diman students designed it specifically for her.

Rosemary’s Wish Kids Wishhouses, a Rhode Island non-profit organization, grants wishes to children and young adults ages 3 through 21, who medically qualify with a life-threatening illness living in Rhode Island and southeastern Massachusetts.

This year Diman joined 15 schools creating wish houses for unexpected children. Something that is a yearly tradition for the Fall River-based high school.