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Vocabulary Bowl

The English department is excited to announce the opening day for Vocabulary Bowl 2018-2019!
Vocabulary Bowl is an online competitive platform that is included with our school subscription to This online resource for both teachers and students is geared towards closing gaps in language skills that we see in many of our students. Using an interactive and adaptive multimedia approach, students increase and hone their vocabulary development.
With this program you can add classes, add students, and assign vocabulary lists, quizzes, and “vocab jams!” Choose from popular vocabulary lists or make your own that compliment your shop or class needs.
It is not simply educational however!
This program also allows for healthy competition between students, teachers and schools around the country. Every school year “Vocabulary Bowl” begins: a war of word mastery for students in all grade levels. As students master words in their classes, they are also amassing mastery points for their school. Running from October 1st to April 31st, the school with the total mastery of words wins at both the state and national level. I am very excited to say that this past school year Diman came in at #1 in the state! Our top 5 student word masters were honored at our academic awards ceremony at the end of the year, and awards also go towards our top teachers! Yes, you can play too!
If you are interested in using this program with your students, please click on the link below to join our school subscription. You can also see me for more information.
Let’s get Diman another win and showcase our students’ vocabulary skills!