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Diman and HealthFirst have partnered up. Students can get free health care: here's how

Dan Medeiros
The Herald News

Starting March 4, Diman Regional Vocational Technical High School will also be home to a HealthFirst clinic that's free for students

FALL RIVER — Starting in early March, the more than 1,400 students at Diman Regional Vocational Technical High School will have free access to doctors right in their building. 

HealthFirst Family Care Center announced it is partnering with Diman to open the area’s first school-based health center. Diman Assistant Superintendent and Principal Andrew Rebello said that means students can see a doctor with no co-pay. 

"Instead of students missing school for a doctor’s appointment, they can be seen here,” Rebello said. “This allows students to receive the next level of care without missing an entire day of school for an outside medical appointment.” 

“We have been looking to open a school-based health center in the SouthCoast since 2021,” said HealthFirst Chief Operating Officer Linda Medeiros. “We look forward to supporting the students of Diman and the Greater Fall River area.” 

When will Diman's HealthFirst center open?

The HealthFirst center at Diman will open March 4. The office will be right near the school’s nurse’s office. It will be open weekdays during the school year. 

What services can students get at the HealthFirst clinic?

Diman students will be able to see HealthFirst doctors for both chronic conditions and acute medical issues — from colds to addiction treatment, and everything in between. Students can be treated for sore throats or sports injuries, get asthma or acne medication, receive vaccines, learn weight management, treat menstrual problems, or even get their regular annual checkups. 

The center will also have behavioral health services, for treatment of mental health problems, emotional issues like stress or grief, receive LGBTQ+ support and more. 

What health care professionals will be on hand?

Doctors and nurse practitioners will staff the office.

What are the benefits of using the HealthFirst clinic?

“Many adolescent children in the Greater Fall River area do not have access to a primary care provider for chronic and acute medical issues,” said HealthFirst Chief Medical Officer Dr. Eric Vaught. “Therefore, I am glad to see this partnership with Diman move forward as a first step toward HealthFirst meeting this specific need in our community.”  

It also means students don’t have to miss school, and parents don’t have to miss work or arrange for transportation to visit a doctor. 

The clinic is also free to use. 

“This is truly an amazing avenue for better serving the students in our community,” stated Diman Superintendent Brian Bentley. 

Do you need health insurance to use the HealthFirst clinic?

No. The clinic will accept most forms of insurance, but students will be eligible for treatment regardless.  

The clinic can also help students obtain health insurance if they don’t have it. 

What if Diman students already have a doctor? Can they still use the HealthFirst clinic?

Students who already have a primary care physician can still use the HealthFirst clinic if they like – the clinic will coordinate information with their doctor. 

Will HealthFirst coordinate information with students’ parents?

Yes, and parents can be present for visits either in person or by phone if they like. There may also be follow-ups with parents if necessary. 

Is there more information?

For more information about HealthFirst, visit For more information about the Diman program, click here.