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SkillsUSA States Results 2022

This year, 18 Diman students earned a spot on the SkillsUSA Massachusetts state team, with 17 gold medals and one elected state officer. Diman also won five silver and two bronze medals. 

The students will attend the National Leadership and Skills Conference in Atlanta, GA on June 20-24. 

Name Shop Contest Medal
Emma Shaker MA State Officer Candidate Elected
Alexandra Botelho GC Advertising Design Gold
Oliver Ferguson AM Automated Manufacturing Gold
Jayden Massey AM Automated Manufacturing Gold
Nicholas Raposo DR Automated Manufacturing Gold
Chapin Dean AM CNC Milling Specialist Gold
Evan Marchand AM CNC Technician Gold
Dakota Valente BT Job Interview Gold
Imani Silver CA Job Skills Demonstration A Gold
Abigail Oliveira CA National Voting Delegate Gold
Philip Perreira CA National Voting Delegate Gold
Evan Hetzler AM Opening & Closing Ceremonies Gold
Vanessa Melo HA Opening & Closing Ceremonies Gold
Lindsey Moniz Gc Opening & Closing Ceremonies Gold
Sarah Moniz BT Opening & Closing Ceremonies Gold
Ava Santos DA Opening & Closing Ceremonies Gold
Alexis St. Pierre CC Opening & Closing Ceremonies Gold
Ethan St. Pierre CA Opening & Closing Ceremonies Gold
Ryan St. Marie Gc Advertising Design Silver
Corbin Merkt AM Automotive Service Technology Silver
Aidan Tagger AM CNC Milling Specialist Silver
Eliza Terrell Gc Graphic Communications Silver
Chace Duarte MF Welding Silver
Caleb Aguiar AM CNC Turning Bronze
Kathrin Barlow MF Sheet Metal Bronze