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Focus on Fall River: Diman and UMass collaborate on photo project

A photo club picture

A photo club picture

A photo club picture  
Fall River will come into sharp focus this year when the students in the Photography Club at Diman Regional and sociology students at UMass Dartmouth collaborate to photograph the people and neighborhoods of the city. Diman students will be honing their photography skills and learning how to photograph the people and neighborhoods as they take photographs of their family, friends, and neighborhoods, local businesses, places of worship and parks, and various places that are important to them around the city.

Student work will be featured in photo exhibit at the Narrows Center for the Arts in June 2017.

The faculty sponsors of the Photography Club at Diman, Michelle Gaudencio and Paul Beaudoin, as well as UMass Dartmouth faculty member Andrea Klimt, will be taking the students on local teacher-guided field trips and giving them themed field assignments to help the students to capture the local flavor of Fall River.

Students have already started on the project by taking beautiful fall pictures at Oak Grove Cemetery. The students will be issued press passes identifying them as being involved with the Fall River Portraits project. Giving these students a welcoming reception will significantly help them capture great portraits of the city.

If any local businesses is interested in having students spotlight their businesses, they should contact one of the coordinators listed below.

This project will create positive learning experiences for high school students as well as creative ways for these students to contribute to important dialogues about Fall River. Giving students the opportunity and skills to produce meaningful knowledge for their communities will foster a deeper understanding of and increased pride in their own communities. The interactions between the high school and the college students at UMass Dartmouth will also encourage high school students to actively consider pursuing a college education. The resulting corpus of photographs will, along with those from previous years of the Fall River Portraits project will become part of the photographic documentation of Fall River’s diverse neighborhoods.

For further information about the project, please contact any of the project coordinators: 
Dr. Andrea Klimt at 508-999-8831 or
Mr. Paul Beaudion at
Ms. Michelle Gaudencio at