Electronics Program Overview

  • The Electronics program provides a sound foundation in DC and AC theory, and the effects that both passive and active components have on circuit operations. Students study analog and digital circuitry, and laboratory work makes up fifty percent of the student's time.

    The related class integrates shop practices, procedure, and methods along with English, math, and science by introducing new terminology and vocabulary. Mathematical concepts are introduced in a logical manner, as they relate to their area of study, and many principles of science are incorporated. Integration in these areas of study not only provide an occupationally skilled graduate with vocational and academic competency, but a more confident graduate, better able to reach their own full potential in this highly technical career field. An emphasis is placed on industrial and digital electronics as well as on computers. In the junior and senior years, national certifications are available to students who demonstrate proficiency in specific electronics areas.

    Graduates are actively employed in areas of industrial electronics, computers, research and development, electronics equipment manufacturing, marine navigational computers, electronics control, and measuring equipment.

    Students must have good mathematical and mechanical aptitude and normal color perception.

Diman Electronics Technology Program


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Extra Help Days

  • Paul Beaudoin - Friday after school

    Jamie Manuels - Wednesday after school

    Joshua Valliere - Wednesday after school

    Lucas Dos Santos - Friday after school

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Skills & Careers

  • Students graduating from Diman have a variety of job options open to them. Below is a partial list of jobs Diman grads from this program are qualified for, depending on their level of education.

    Diman Diploma 2 Year College 4 Year College
    • Electronic technician
    • Computer technician
    • Electronic salesperson
    • Printed circuit layout person
    • Data communications technician
    • Network support person
    • Electronic board repair
    • Fiber optics service person
    • Computer repair-setup
    • Design electronic technician
    • Integrated circuit fabricator
    • Network support person
    • Electronic board repair
    • Telecommunication service person
    • Fiber optics service person
    • Electronics engineer
    • College instructor
    • Computer engineer
    • Electronics designer/engineer
    • Communications engineer
    • Electronics research engineer
    • Mechanical engineer
    • Electrical engineer
    • Robotics engineer

    Skills & Skill Areas

    • DC Circuits
    • AC Circuits
    • Analog Circuits
    • Digital Circuits
    • Robotics Design/Construction (Underwater & Land Based)
    • Troubleshooting Skills
    • Soldering Skills
    • Electronic CAD Drawing
    • Circuit/Project Prototyping & Fabrication
    • Basic Engineering Concepts & Skills
    • Engineering Documentation Production
    • Microprocessor Programming

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