Diman Regional

Vocational Technical High School

Developing the Unique Potential of Each Learner

School Lunch Menu

  • Attention Students: Do not take food or beverages out of the school cafeteria. Eat and drink during your lunch. All food items are to remain in the cafeteria.

    • Breakfast served daily
    • Daily Served: Peanut butter breakfast bar, peanut butter for toast
    • Alternate lunch: Hot or cold sandwiches, salad plates, peanut butter and jelly, or peanut butter and fluff sandwich

    Printable menu (PDF download)

Student Lunch

  • Please note that during 5th and
    6th period, lunches will take place

    1st lunch
    (10:49 to 11:14)
    PE/HEALTH, A 206 to B 218, DR Related, D Wing classrooms, B 244, B 246, B 248,
    B 215, C 106, E 103, E 104 MTT Related, All General Shop Students and
    ALL half-day students going into Academics

    2nd lunch
    (11:17 to 11:42)
    1st Floor B wing and 1st Floor C wing Classrooms/Labs

    3rd lunch
    (11:45 to 12:10)
    2nd Floor B wing and 2nd Floor C wing Classrooms

    4th Lunch
    (12:13 to 12:38)
    DR, CC, EL, GC, HA, HV, OT

    5th Lunch
    (12:41 to 1:06)
    AC, AT, DA, FM, MF, MT, PL, ET