Unity Day Recognition

  • Unity Day honorees
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    Last Wednesday (10/20/21), we honored Diman students who have exhibited leadership and acts of kindness to recognize Unity Day. Each student received two free tickets to the Factory of Terror!! Below are the students, why they were honored, and the teacher that nominated them.

    Alexis Alves

    Her continued help and support of veterans. She volunteers time to help veterans at the VFW in Tiverton, RI.

    Nominated by: Mr. Manuels

    Nathan Amaral

    During culinary break, in the student cafeteria, Nathan noticed a fellow freshman sitting alone. Nathan asked that student to join him and others at another table. This type of kindness is not something you see all the time in students. This is why I feel Nathan should be recognized.

    Nominated by: Mr. DoCouto

    Ethan Cabral

    Ethan always has a positive outlook on every situation - you will never hear him complain about any situation. He has already gained experience working within the Graphic Communications industry and sees the value within this experience.

    Nominated by: Mrs. DiBiasio

    Nayelie Cartagena Conde

    Nayelie volunteered to help two Spanish speaking sophomore students learn the sophomore curriculum. She translated the difficult subject matter into Spanish so they can better understand. She tutors them once a week and even leaves her job early to do this. I believe she goes out of her way to help people.

    Nominated by: Mrs. Pettine

    Abigail Ferreira

    She is always very helpful with her classmates as well as the instructor.

    Nominated by: Dental Department

    Aleanet Herrera

    Aleanet has gone above and beyond most other students. She is always willing to help guide lost students to their correct location. She always comes into the office with a smile and is willing to help with any task.

    Nominated by: Ms. Schoenherr 

    Sophia Ledoux

    Sophia goes out of her way to include her peers and is always showing kindness. She is willing to help anyone that needs assistance.

    Nominated by: Mrs. McPherson

    Inez Medeiros

    Inez is mature, respectful and driven. She takes ownership of her work. She is always willing to help anyone out to the best of her ability.

    Nominated by:
    Mrs. DiBiasio

    Sarah & Lindsey Moniz

    These two students (sisters) were able to assist us in the Hall of Fame banquet Sunday at the very last minute when we needed help. They rearranged their schedules to help. They are all around great students and are involved in a lot here at Diman.

    Nominated by: Mr. Root

    Katie Neves

    Excellent Modeling of Leadership skills while "training" an underclassman in Room 251. Attentive, kind, and accommodating to the customers (both staff and public)

    Nominated by:
    Mrs. Shelton

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