How To Improve Your Home Internet

    • Turn off your idle devices; i.e. PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo Switch, and limit your use of streaming services during remote learning times
    • Check where your router is located. Placing it in a cabinet or behind doors/walls will only degrade the connection. Instead, place it in an unobstructed place.
    • Consider a wired connection.  If possible, a wired connection to your router will always be faster and more reliable than using a wireless (WiFi) connection.
    • If your service was installed more than two years ago, contact your ISP to see if they will upgrade the router you are using.  Newer routers can be significantly faster and more reliable.
    • A router refresh (Reboot) occasionally will improve the speed if there is a noticeable lag in connection. 
    • WiFi extenders are an inexpensive device that can improve range throughout your household.

    If these tips still don’t improve your home internet speeds, please contact your Internet Service Provider (ISP) to learn how to upgrade your internet connection.


    “Do-It-Yourself” Speed Test

    1. While on your home network, browse to the website and press “go.” The website will calculate your average download and upload speeds. 
    2. Once you press “go”, let the website run, it will most likely take a 1-4 minutes for it to connect and process your speeds.
    3. Once completed, the website will show you a report of your current “download” and “upload” speeds.
    4. If your speeds are lower than recommended, please see our speed improvement tips (above) or contact your internet service provider (ISP) to upgrade your service