• File:  EBC-S-1


    Policy on PANDEMIC/COVID-Related Issues


    The Greater Fall River Vocational School Committee recognizes the following document as appropriate policy and actions related to COVID 19 specifically, and any pandemic in general.

    1. The District will establish an advisory committee made up of stakeholders including staff, faculty, students, parents, and administration.  The advisory committee will bi-weekly, when possible, to review public health data and offer suggestions to the district related to potential changes and updates to policies regarding the COVID 19 Pandemic. 

    2.  The District will follow all state and federal guidance, if applicable,  associated with the COVID-19 Pandemic including but not limited to: CVTE Reopening (7/29/2020), Remote Learning Partners (8/4/2020), Student Learning Time (7/30/2020), Additional Staff Training Days (7/27/2020), Remote Learning (7/26/2020), Courses Requiring Additional Safety Considerations (7/24/2020), Facilities and Operations (7/23/2020), K-12 Transportation (7/23/2020), Protocols for Responding to COVID-19 Scenarios (7/17/2020), Teachers in Remote Learning (8/21/2020), Joint Memo Clarifying Key Health and Safety Requirements (8/19/2020), MIAA-DESE Sports Guidance (8/18/2020), Executive Office of Health and Human Service Memo (8/19/2020),  Determining DPH COVID 19 Data (8/11/2020), Acquisition of Safety Supplies (6/10/2020), Required Safety Supplies for Reopening Schools (6/5/2020), Families First Coronavirus Response Act (4/1/2020), Classroom Diagrams and Parametric Dashboard (7/2/2020).     

    Specifically understanding the guidance regarding Teachers in Remote Learning (8/21/2020), the Greater Fall River Vocational School Committee declares no staff, faculty, administrator, or employee in general eligible for remote work from home due to restraints identified in job description and responsibilities.

    1. The District will follow all federal and state guidelines associated with face coverings and social distancing, when possible, including CDC guidance on Plexiglass.
    2. The District will work with all stakeholders regarding necessary contracted work to learning environments.
    3. The District will follow state guidance on contract tracing including appropriate and timely communication.
    4. The District will follow state and federal guidance associated with transitioning from or to new models (i.e. Remote to Hybrid, In-Person to Hybrid, Hybrid to Remote, In-person to Remote).
    5. The District agrees to follow all current contractual language regarding start of work year and work day.  The District will follow state guidance entitled Additional Staff Training Days (7/27/2020) regarding training and preparation of learning environments.  The District will have students report on September 16, 2020.
    6. The District will follow all state and federal guidance associated with providing technology to students in order to complete all necessary school work.
    7. The District will follow all guidance associated with federal and state related COVID 19 Leave Acts, as well as all current contractual leave acts (Families First Coronavirus Response Act, Emergency Family Medical Leave Expansion Act, and Family Medical Leave Act).  Intermittent use will be available to the employee.  
    8. Use of accrued time to argument/off-set losses in salary will only be allowed if specifically addressed in state/federal guidance.  
    9. The District will follow the most up to date Inter-State Travel guidance.
    10. The District requires all employees, students, and parents to follow the most current Diman Regional Social Distance Operational Plan regarding expectations for teaching and learning.  This document will be updated regularly to reflect state, federal, and local concerns and requirements.  Violations will be reported by staff/faculty and dealt with by administration using progressive discipline. 
    11. The District will follow all state requirements and regulations regarding evaluation during the COVID-19 Pandemic.
    12. The District will take all proper and appropriate actions regarding student equity, specifically for services (IEP/504) and technology.
    13. The District will follow all state and federal guidance regarding special and vulnerable student populations.
    14. The District requires all stakeholders to follow the Acceptable Use Policy for Technology, as well as the Student Handbook and Employee Handbook.  
    15. The District will update school calendars as needed.
    16. The District will take all necessary actions regarding extracurricular-activities to ensure safety to all.
    18.  Source: Greater Fall River Vocational School District – August 2020

    Approved by SC: 9/10/2020