• File:  KHA-R



    The public schools have easy access to the public through its students. Because of this unique position there is a tendency to look to the school organization as a means of communications to students, members of their families and others. In addition, teachers and administrators as well as other employees are tempted to send students on errands off the school grounds. To prevent any misuse of the school organization, the following guidelines have been established.

     I.  Students and school organization shall not be used as a means of collecting information not directly pertinent to the conduct of the school program.

     II. Except for distribution of information relative to the schools, students and the school organization shall not be used as a means of disseminating           advertising or promotional material.

    III.  There shall be no solicitation or canvassing of students by outside organization within or through the schools unless by specific sanction of the              Regional School Committee.

    IV.  No employee may release the name and address lists of students to persons or organizations outside the school except by vote of the Regional           School Committee.

    V.   Students will not be sent off the school grounds on personal or school-related errands for any school district employees.