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    In accordance with state law, all grants and gifts to the District shall be reviewed and accepted by the School Committee before expenditure or use.In the case of gifts from industry, business, or special interest groups, no extensive advertising or promotion may be involved in any donation to the schools.

    Gifts will automatically become the property of the school district. Any gift of cash,  regardless of donor intent, will be accepted by vote of the School Committee kept separate from the general fund, and expended at the discretion of the Committee, as provided by law.

    The Committee directs the Superintendent to assure that an appropriate expression of thanks is given to all donors.


    LEGAL REF.:             M.G.L. 44:53A, 71:37A

    CROSS REF:  DD, Grants, Proposals, and Special Projects

                            GBEBD, Online Fundraising and Solicitation--Crowdfunding


    Approved by SC: 12/08/2022