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     The Greater Fall River Vocational School District Committee shall provide for each school under its control which is not otherwise supplied flags of the United States of silk or bunting not less than two feet long, such flags or bunting to be manufactured in the United States and suitable apparatus for their display as hereinafter provided.


    1. A flag shall be displayed, weather permitting, on the school buildings or grounds on every school day and on every legal holiday or day proclaimed by the governor or the President of the United States for especial observance; provided that on stormy school days it shall be displayed inside the building. A flag shall be displayed in each assembly hall or other room in each school where the opening exercises on each school day are held.
    2.  Each teacher at the commencement of the first class of each day in all grades in all public schools shall lead the class in a group recitation of the "Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag."


    Whoever displays the flag or emblem of a foreign country upon the outside of a state, country, city or town building or public school shall be punished by a fine of not more than twenty dollars but as except as to public schools this section shall not apply when a citizen of such foreign country becomes the guest of the United States or of the Commonwealth if the country of which such guest is a citizen to be displayed upon public buildings (General Laws, Chapter 264, Section 8.)