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    The goals of this school district's special education program are to allow each child to grow and achieve at their own level, to gain independence and self-reliance, and to return to the mainstream of school society as soon as possible.


    The requirements of law and regulation will be followed in the identification of children with special needs, in referrals for their evaluation, in prescribing for them suitable programs and in assessing their educational progress.  In keeping with state requirements, all children with special needs between the ages of three to twenty-two who have not attained a high school diploma or its equivalent will be eligible for special education.


    The School Committee believes that most children with special needs can be educated in the regular school program if they are given special instruction, accommodations and the support they need.  These children should also be given the opportunity to participate in the school district's non-academic and extracurricular activities.


    The Committee recognizes that the needs of certain children are so great that special programs, special classes or special schools may be necessary.  When appropriate programs, services, or facilities are not available within the public schools, the Committee will provide these children with access to schools where such instruction and accommodations are available.


    It is the desire of the Committee that the schools work closely with parents/guardians in designing and providing programs and services to children with special needs.  Parents/guardians will be informed, and conferred with, whenever a child is referred for evaluation.  In event of any disagreement concerning diagnosis, program plan, special placement, or evaluation, the parents/guardians will be accorded the right of due process.


    The Committee will secure properly trained personnel to work with the children with special needs.  Since the financial commitment necessary to meet the needs of all of these children is extensive, the Committee will make every effort to obtain financial assistance.



    SOURCE: MASC April 2019


    LEGAL REFS.:          The Individuals with Disabilities Ed. Act (PL 108-446, adopted 12/03/04)

                                        Rehabilitation Act of 1973

                                        M.G.L. 71B:1 et seq.

    603 CMR 28:00 inclusive


    NOTE:  A school district's procedures for implementing Special Education laws and regulations are often too extensive to include in a policy manual. In such instances, a note can be added to the policy to point out the existence and availability of a document containing current procedures.


    Approved by SC: 6/17/21