Degrees and Certifications:

Ms. Erin Smith


I started teaching math 18 years ago and I am now in my 6th year at Diman!

My afterschool day is typically Monday, unless otherwise stated on Google Classroom.

All assignments and materials can be found on Google Classroom.  If a student is absent they have everything they need to get caught up ASAP.

Students may email or send me a Remind message if they have any issues and schedule an afterschool day upon return to school, if needed.

Google Classroom Codes

  • Teacher Class Number Code
    Erin Smith Honors Precalculus 1034-01 tnyxz4a
    Erin Smith Honors Precalculus 1034-02 uxcw4zn
    Erin Smith Honors Precalculus 1034-03 mmmpmnl
    Erin Smith Honors Precalculus 1034-04 syjv2tq
    Erin Smith Statistics & Probability 1454-01 d4mae4a
    Erin Smith Statistics & Probability 1454-02 m4yl7ay
    Erin Smith AP Statistics 1500-01 jj2if6b
    Erin Smith AP Statistics 1500-02 lomii45
    Last updated - 10/5/23