Model Programs With Other Districts:

    The Greater Fall River Vocational School District Committee may enter into an agreement with one or more other school committees to conduct jointly or for such other committee or committees’ educational programs which permit such committees to supplement or strengthen regular school programs in ways unavailable to them separately.

    A. Such agreement shall designate one city, town or regional district which is party thereto as an operating agent. Funds received by Diman Regional as operating agent from other cities, towns or system party to such agreement as reimbursement may be reserved for appropriate account or credited to general revenue. All funds appropriated by Diman Regional as operating agent for the purposes of such agreement in addition to gifts and grants shall be deposited with and held as a separate account by its treasurer and payments from such account shall be made by said treasurer according to duly-approved warrants as provided by general or special law.

    B. All bills and payrolls submitted for services rendered or for equipment or supplies delivered in connection with any such agreement shall be plainly marked to indicate that such services were rendered or such equipment or supplies delivered under authority thereof. Any reimbursement for or payment on account of such services, equipment or supplies shall be made at such intervals as such agreement provides.

    C. Such agreement may be terminated at the end of any fiscal year by written notice of termination given by any committee which has entered into such agreement to each other such committee at least sixty days before the end of such year. Such agreement shall provide for disposition upon termination thereof of all unencumbered funds and all equipment and supplies held pursuant thereto (General Laws, Chapter 40, Section 4E.)