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  • Delegation from Azores visits Diman

    UMass Dartmouth, along with a contingency from Sao Miguel, Azores, visited Diman on 9/19. The Azorean group represented a company called Nanogon, a non-profit association resulting from the collaboration between the Regional Government of the Azores and the municipality of Lagoa. (9/20/19)

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  • Award-winning author to visit Diman

    On Friday, September 20th, 2019, award-winning author Padma Venkatraman will be speaking with our freshmen students about her 2010 novel, Climbing the Stairs. The story, set during World War II and British-occupied India, follows Vidya, a fifteen-year-old girl from India who dreams of attending college during a time where her culture frowns upon this behavior from young women. Political events unfolding in her country also lead to a deep internal struggle as she wrestles with who she is and what defines her. (9/11/19)

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  • Car Donated to Diman

    Students in the automotive technology program at Diman Regional Vocational Technical High School (DRVTHS) have another tool at their disposal, one that will allow them to learn about and train with new technologies that they’re likely to encounter in future employment. That new tool is a 2015 Ford Focus 5-DR Hatchback SE, which was donated by First Ford in Fall River. (6/18/19)

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  • 2019 Hall of Fame Inductees

    Eight graduates will be inducted Oct. 20 to the Diman Regional Vocational Technical High School’s Hall of Fame at the Venus de Milo restaurant in Swansea. The award is a unique, non-sport related recognition and was established in 1998 to honor Diman graduates, retired staff and supporters of the school. This year’s inductees, voted on by current Hall of Fame members, include graduates Jerald Greenhalgh, Richard Mancini, Stephen Marciszyn, Paulo Reis and Ron Rusin; former faculty members Rogerio Ramos and Lorraine Caine, and The Diman Bengal Education Foundation.

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  • Honor Roll for 2018-2019 Semester 2

    Below are the 327 members of our honor roll for the second term of the 2018-2019 school year. Congratulations to the students and their familes!

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Jewel of the City

  • From the Fall River Herald News

    Diman Regional Vocational Technical High School has a long and distinguished history, not only of turning out first-rate graduates, but of lending a hand when needed. The latest example of this community spirit comes in the form of Diman students replacing an antiquated heating system at the Fall River Water Department building.

    The system was, to be kind, in bad shape. City finances being what they always are, a much-needed replacement seemed unlikely. That's when the Diman cavalry rode to the rescue, offering not just to patch, but to replace the complaining, old heating system.

    And the Diman students aren't doing a halfway job either. They're installing new boilers, new pipes, new baseboards and a 15-zone heat control system. What's not to like about this deal? The Water Department (and its long-suffering employees) will get a building whose heating ability is equal to the New England winters. The students from Diman get, not just experience in their various trades, but an opportunity to do something good. They also get the opportunity to learn how nice it is to help someone out of a jam.

    The kids at Diman will someday practice a wide variety of trades, including plumbing, heating, car repair, culinary arts, construction and much more. In short, Diman students are learning to do the work that makes the world run. Put a dozen men of genius in a room to solve all the world's problems and they won't get much done if there's no roof on the building, no heat or no plumbing.

    Since Diman grads will go forth to do the work that runs the world, it's a good idea they get a solid grounding, not just in hammer and nails work, but in the harder work of honesty, caring and lending a helping hand.

    Over the decades, Fall River and its surrounding towns have been well-served by Diman. It's there that our sons and daughters get on the path to a good job and it's from there that Diman graduates go out to take up all kinds of important jobs.

    And, time and time again, Diman students who have not yet graduated, lend their hands and their hearts to some important piece of work that would never get done without their skilled, cheerful assistance.