HP Mini 1101 Netbook Computer Borrowing Guide

  • The HP Mini 1101 Netbook is a very small computer which may be borrowed from the library for use at home or in school. It may be used for typing assignments and/or doing projects using Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Publisher and Access software which is preloaded on each computer. It will not connect to the internet and new programs may not be downloaded to it.

    Mini 1101 Netbook

    HP Mini 1101 Netbook Student Borrowing FAQ

    Who is eligible to borrow a Netbook from the Library?
    Currently enrolled Diman students whose McHenry Library accounts are in good standing may borrow a Netbook.
    Where can I go to check out a Netbook?
    See the Librarian at the Library Circulation Desk.
    What do I need to borrow a Netbook?
    You will need your Diman ID number, you must complete and sign the “Netbook Borrowing Form,” and you must have a parent or guardian sign the form as well.
    How long may I use the Netbook?
    The Netbook may be checked out for three school days. (We have a limited number of Netbooks available)
    What responsibility do I have for a Netbook?
    Netbooks that are borrowed are treated just like any other school owned material – you bear the responsibility if it is damaged, lost, or stolen.
    What happens if the Netbook is stolen or damaged while I have it signed out?
    Immediately report any loss or damage to the Librarian. You could be charged up to the full replacement cost if a Netbook charged out to you is lost or damaged ($500.00).
    What may I do with the Netbook?
    You may use the netbook to type assignments and complete activities using Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Access which are installed on each computer. The borrower may not add, delete, or change any programs, applications, files, screen savers, or bookmarks.