Diman Hall of Fame Nomination Procedure

  • Please consider nominating someone to the Diman Hall of Fame!

    Objective of the Hall of Fame

    The Diman Hall of Fame was established to honor those alumni and non-alumni who are part of the Diman “family,” and who have contributed greatly to Diman or they may be outstanding individuals who have contributed to society in such a manner that deserves recognition.


    Alumni and teams (like soccer and VICA) must have graduated 10 years prior to induction. Employees of Diman must be 3 years removed from their full-time employment. Those who are neither graduates nor school employees, but have contributed to Diman in a significant way, may be nominated at any time.


    Please write a 1 to 2 page letter describing your nominee’s achievements and/or contributions. Please list the address, phone number and email addresses of both yourself and the nominee (We may have questions). If they are a Diman grad, please list the year of graduation and shop. A detailed and clear letter is important, as every letter is read by the voters (Hall of Fame members). Letters may be sent to any of the following members of the Hall of Fame Committee:

    Diman Alumni Association
    251 Stonehaven Road
    Fall River, MA 02723

    Dennis Abdow
    195 Rich St
    Fall River, MA 02720

    Tom Branco
    495 Almy Rd
    Somerset, MA 02726

    Edward Hill
    681 Stevens Rd
    Swansea, MA 02777
    or hill5154@yahoo.com

    John Mullaly
    161 Foley Ave
    Somerset, MA 02726