Uniform Policy

  • Beginning with the 2011-2012 school year, Diman adopted a “uniform policy “ for all students to wear while in shop. It was a huge success!

    The vocational teachers worked with the Administration to design and implement uniform shirts and pants that are shop specific for all students.

    Shop Uniform Shirts for Grade 10-11-12 students can be ordered ONLY through the Diman website from our vendors. The vendors will deal directly with you for payment, processing and delivery of your clothing order. All orders will be handled by the vendor and not by Diman thus minimizing any errors. Your payment for your order will be made directly to the vendor.

    Shop Uniform Shirts can be shipped to Diman where we will distribute the shirts to your son or daughter.

    Uniform pants are to match the COLOR description on the Diman website and please remember that students in the HVAC/R program are changing color from a Khaki pant to a Navy Blue pant. Khaki color is still acceptable in the HVAC/R program but new purchases should reflect the new color of Navy Blue

    Clingy, stretchy or “jeggings” that match the color of the uniform pant, such as those available from JC Penney or Old Navy having a “patch style jean pocket” are not allowed in any shop.

    All uniform pants are to be of a workpant quality (such as “Dickies”, or “Carhartt”, but other high-quality pants will do). Medical programs have specific uniforms just for their program also!

    Please feel free to contact me at 508-678-2891 ext 1340 if you have any questions.

    Acceptable Uniform Pant Brands/Styles & Color

    Dickies, Carhartt, Work’n’Gear – appropriate for an industrial setting:

    • Automotive Collision & Repair - Dark Navy Blue       
    • Automotive Technology - Dark Navy Blue
    • Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning & Refrigeration – Dark Navy Blue
    • Machine Tool Technology - Dark Navy Blue
    • Metal Fabrication & Joining Technologies - Dark Navy Blue
    • Plumbing – Dark Navy Blue
    • Carpentry & Cabinetmaking - Khaki
    • Electricity - Khaki                                   
    • Graphic Communications - Khaki
    • Building & Property Management - Khacki

    Culinary Arts 

    • In Shop - must be SOLID black of the above style (Dickies, Carhartt, Work’n’Gear)
    • In Room 251 (Restaurant) – Black with White Oxford Button Down Collar shirt

    Khaki Medical Uniform Pant only from Website Vendor

    • Dental Assisting                          
    • Health Assisting

    Khaki “Docker” style casual pant. NO patch pockets or “stretchy” material

    • Business Technology - Khaki
    • Drafting - Khaki
    • Electronics - Khaki

    The following PANT styles are prohibited in ALL shops:

    • Cargo Pants
    • Khaki colored Jeans
    • Patch pocket Styles
    • “Stretchy” or “Clingy” material (ex…Jeggings)