PAC - Parent Advisory Council

  • Greetings from the Diman Parent Advisory Council,

    We would like to welcome all the new students and their parents/guardians to the Diman "Family".

    During your son or daughter's experience at Diman you will find out that many people here take a personal interest in their education. From the wonderful faculty, to the great administrative staff, to other parents you haven't even had a chance to meet yet, we all have every student's interest in mind.

    The Parent Advisory Council was formed in 1991, by Superintendent Director Mr. Connell and parents wanting to be part of a team that could make a difference. Over the years the Council has taken on many new challenges and has worked closely with students, parents and administrators to produce positive results.

    PAC Leadership

    • President Lisa Desrosiers (
    • Vice President  DonnaFastino (
    • Secretary - Cheryl Costa (
    • Treasurer - Kathy Galego
    • Prom Coordinators -  Joe Costa and Beth McMullen


    PAC Donates Memorial Bench Memorial Bench
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    From safety, which is everyone's first and foremost priority, to higher education and a positive high school experience, the Parent Advisory Council is there. The PAC meets once a month in Room Two Fifty One to discuss issues and new ideas. We also do special events like  Breakfast Buffet, Yard Sale, Bake sales and selling Diman apparel  to raise money for scholarships and Post Prom. With the rising cost of college every little bit helps. Last year we were able to give up to thirteen scholarships.

    The Diman PAC and the Diman School Committee sponsor the Post-Prom Party. Even if your graduating senior does not attend the Prom, they are welcome at the Post-Prom Party. The members of the PAC and  parent volunteers stay up all night serving pizza, sandwiches, hotdogs soda,water, coffee and chips in a carnival type atmosphere safe from the many dangers of the road on Prom night. All night long we have free raffles, some of the past prizes included Blueray players, TV's, printers,Gift cards, tablets and a laptop. Keep in mind none of this happens by itself. Without parents working together none of these achievements would be possible.

    The PAC has also involved students in helping out with the events that we sponsor.  We have also been able to present a graduating senior with a Service Award for their help during his or her four years at Diman.

    This is a new year and a fresh start. PAC would like to include student involvement in community service projects as one of its goals. PAC is also commited to participate in freshman, sophomore and junior functions by working with student representatives and various students groups. Our goal is to be involved with all classes, promoting acedemic involement. Also goodwill and respect towards others and to work together to keep the students at Diman Safe.

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