Dual Enrollment (CVTE)

  • Advisor: Mr. Silva

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    • The Massachusetts Secondary/Postsecondary CVTE Linkage Consortium is the new name for Bristol Tech Prep. In short we call it CVTE, which stands for Career and Vocational Technical Education. Throughout the state of Massachusetts, funding from the Perkins Act provides for CVTE Linkage programs, which are all located in community colleges. Our program is located at nearby Bristol Community College (BCC).
    • The purpose of CVTE Linkage is to prepare students for a smooth transition to college. It encourages students to acquire proficiency in mathematics, science, communication and technological skills. CVTE offers a curriculum that will enable students to enter the work force, continue on to college for a Certificate, an Associates Degree, and on to earning a Bachelors Degree without experiencing retraining, delays and duplication of courses or loss of credit.
    • CVTE offers articulated credits to high school graduates, as well as the opportunity to take free* college courses at BCC through our Dual Enrollment Program. Students who are able, highly motivated and who maintain a 2.0 Grade Point Average (GPA) in their high school studies are encouraged to take free courses (1 per year). *BCC has updated their regulations for students who are eligible for free courses. Please see your guidance counselor for more information.
    • The Perkins Act also requires that high schools make an effort to articulate agreements with other colleges and institutions as well as BCC. Diman currently has agreements with several colleges as well as two Labor Unions. Diman continues to pursue agreements for the purpose of encouraging students to seek out higher education beyond high school. See the Appendix for a listing of articulated agreements currently in place at Diman.