Spring 2021 Return to Diman

  • Download our reopening plan (PDF) or view it as a web page.

    Diman is excited to announce that we are now able to bring all students back into the building for in-person academic and vocational learning.  In order to accomplish this return in a structured and organized manner, starting March 29, 2021, Diman will be phasing student return to school in the following manner:

    • Grade 9 academic students return to the building by cohort; all other academic students remain in the current, hybrid model during this phase.
    • Grades 10, 11, and 12 academic students remain in a hybrid learning model.
    • All vocational students return to shop.

    Click here to view the new cohort schedule.

    While working through this Spring 2021 Return to Diman Plan, sophomore and junior students will return to the building for MCAS planning purposes.  Their schedule is as follows:

    • Grade 10 students (academic and vocational) return for the MCAS Infrastructure Trial on April 13, 2021; all other Diman students engage in asynchronous learning during this Infrastructure Trial.
    • Grade 11 students return for the MCAS Infrastructure Trial on April 6, 2021; all other Diman students engage in asynchronous learning during this day.

    Click here to view MCAS scheduling information.

    Starting on May 17, 2021, all students will return to Diman for in-person learning.

    Our hope is that in phasing in Diman’s Return to School Plan, we are better able to help students navigate re-entry procedures and processes in a meaningful way.