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Mr. Robert Fitton

My extra help day is Thursday. I am also available mornings at 7am and most afternoons. If possible, please let me know if you are stopping by other than Thursday afternoon so I will be sure to meet with you. Thank you. 

Google Classroom Codes

  • Teacher Class Section Code
    Bob Fitton Biology I 2021-01 mawfar2
    Bob Fitton Biology I 2021-02 7bz2plz
    Bob Fitton Biology I 2021-03 yrfgnyo
    Bob Fitton Biology I 2021-04 zwo6mkg
    Bob Fitton Marine Biology 2063-01 5uuj3io
    Bob Fitton Marine Biology 2063-02 w4ldrjc
    Bob Fitton Marine Biology 2063-03 g7eyekb
    Bob Fitton Marine Biology 2063-04 ulrjk3c