Degrees and Certifications:

BA - University of Massachusetts - Humanities and Social Sciences MS Ed - Simmons College - Special Education CAGS - University of New England - Educational Leadership Professional Licensure - Teacher of Students with Moderate Disabilities (Pre-K thru 12) Initial Licensure - English (8-12)

Mrs. Jessica Fiola Tavares

I am available every Monday afternoon from 2:30 until 3:30 to provide students with extra help. Additionally, I am available from 7-7:30 am daily by appointment. Extra help sessions will occur in Room C205.

Current Courses/Location for 2023-24

English 9  C202

English Enrichment 9 C205


CURRENTLY READING - "Uncultured: A Memoir" by Daniella Mestyanek


Google Classroom Codes

Teacher Class Number Code
Jessica Tavares ELA 9 A Weeks 3001-11 xioxybn
Jessica Tavares ELA 9 B Weeks 3001-12 pynimnl
Jessica Tavares RED A ELA ENR 9 3081-13 3vzqctxj
Jessica Tavares RED B ELA ENR 9 3081-14 hmwprv5
Jessica Tavares YELLOW A ELA ENR 9 3081-15 zin5oji
Jessica Tavares YELLOW B ELA ENR 9 3081-16 kibxo6g
Jessica Tavares ORANGE A ELA ENR 9 3081-17 bhvrtu2
Jessica Tavares ORANGE B ELA ENR 9 3081-18 k74xl5o
Jessica Tavares BLUE A ELA ENR 9 3081-19 mrumjn5
Jessica Tavares BLUE B ELA ENR 9 3081-20 zyegatu
Jessica Tavares GREEN A ELA ENR 9 3081-21 rxd5ifk
Jessica Tavares GREEN B ELA ENR 9 3081-22 yrt3wj2
Jessica Tavares GREEN B ELA ENR 9 3081-22 yrt3wj2
Jessica Tavares PURPLE A ELA ENR 9 3081-23 qcx44o2
Jessica Tavares PURPLE B ELA ENR 9 3081-24 tub2i7p
Last updated - 10/5/23