Phone: x3205


Degrees and Certifications:

-Master of Arts in Teaching English from UMASS Dartmouth -Professional Licensure in English -Bachelor of Arts in English and Secondary Education from Bridgewater State University -ESL Endorsement -Licensed ELA Teacher 5-12

Mrs. Jenna Borba

English Language Arts Instructor

Currently teaching ELA Grade 11, ELA Enrichment 10, and Honors ELA 10

My Extra Help Day is on Tuesdays from 2:30-3:30 in room C205 or by appointment. 






Google Classroom Codes

  • Teacher Class Number Code
    Jenna Borba ELA 11 3003-07 m42tn7o
    Jenna Borba ELA 11 3003-08 vsl2qap
    Jenna Borba ELA 11 3003-11 epmqz7x
    Jenna Borba ELA 11 3003-12 by3vy7m
    Jenna Borba ELA Enrichment 10 3082-13 puplsil
    Jenna Borba ELA Enrichment 10 3082-14 7dgrct6
    Jenna Borba ELA Enrichment 10 3082-15 adgqafp
    Jenna Borba ELA Enrichment 10 3082-16 szer4pn
    Jenna Borba Honors ELA 10 3202-01 fpvg2yy
    Jenna Borba Honors ELA 10 3202-02 jgqac64
    Last updated - 10/5/23