Phone: x3202


Degrees and Certifications:

-Master of Arts in Teaching English -Professional Licensure in English -Bachelor of Arts in English and Secondary Education -ESL Endorsement -Licensed ELA Teacher 5-12

Mrs. Jenna Borba

English Language Arts Instructor

Currently teaching CP ELA Grade 10 & ELA Enrichment 10

My Extra Help Day is on Tuesdays from 2:30-3:30 in room C202. 

ELA 10 Syllabus

Enrichment 10 Syllabus


Dear Students, Parents, and Guardians: 

I would like to inform all of you of the happy news of the recent addition to my family over this past summer. In May we welcomed another boy to the family. ☺ Consequently, I will be on maternity leave during the first couple months of school. Barring any complications, I am planning to return to the classroom on November 22, 2021. With that said, I know I will have a smooth transition back to school with the help of my long-term substitute, Mr. Camara

Mr. Camara has held long-term English teacher positions here at Diman and he is so excited to share his expertise with your child until I return. ☺ 

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions about your child’s education. The best way you can reach us is through our emails: or  We look forward to a productive, successful year working with you and your child.

I can’t wait to meet you all in November! 


Mrs. Borba and Mr. Camara



Google Classroom Codes

  • Subject Teacher Class Google Code
    English Jenna Borba 3002-01 xt63pju
    English Jenna Borba 3002-02 mul4qf2
    English Jenna Borba 3002-03 h6toaqi
    English Jenna Borba 3002-04 aahinhq
    English Jenna Borba 3002-05 xi5lsda
    English Jenna Borba 3002-06 qbuomso
    English Jenna Borba 3082-01 wetie5b
    English Jenna Borba 3082-02 gz7cm4m
    English Jenna Borba 3082-03 eoaon3p
    English Jenna Borba 3082-04 tpfav2b
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