Fitness Center

  • Presses Treadmill Treadmills Cybex Equipment Leg Press Weight area Dumbbells Medicine Balls

    Mission Statement

    To provide the students of Diman Regional a safe and functional area for them to increase their wellness. The fitness room will be staffed with a trained supervisor to assist the needs of those who are using the facility.


    • Water only allowed in a bottle with a top
    • No soda, juice, gatorade, etc.
    • No food, candy or gum
    • Shirts and athletic shoes required at all times
    • No tank tops or shorts that are not of appropriate length
    • No jeans or work boots allowed
    • No horseplay or profanity
    • Wipe down equipment after each use with a towel and 10:1 water to bleach solution
    • Keep the same towel with you for the duration of the time that you are in the fitness center
    • Replace all weights on racks immediately after use
    • No abuse of equipment. Any equipment that is broken must be reported immediately
    • Students need to check-in and sign-in book
    • Lifters must work with a partner
    • Once in room, stay in room. No one is allowed to leave and come back and leave again. THIS IS NOT A SOCIAL GATHERING
    • Lift within your limits
    • All of these rules will be posted within the room


    • Cardio:
      • Four Treadmills
      • Three elliptical machines
      • Two stationary bikes
    • Three power racks
    • Weights and machines
      • Cybex Universal
      • Leg press
      • Calf raise machine
      • Leg extension
      • Leg curl
      • Leg lift/dips
    • Free weights
    • Medicine balls
    • Matted area for stretching and abdominal work


    • Staff supervision provided
    • Two hours per day after school from September 1 to June 1 (2:30 to 4:30)

    Supervisory Practices

    • Supervisor will make sure that the students stay on task and that they are using the equipment properly
    • Supervisor will assist students with any questions that they might have
    • Supervisor has the authority to ask someone to leave the fitness center if they are ignoring the rules
    • Supervisor will visually inspect all of the equipment on a daily basis
    • Supervisor will physically inspect all of the equipment on a weekly basis
    • Supervisor will clean all of the equipment at the end of each day

    Crisis Management

    • Fire escape route posted clearly on wall next to both exits
    • First aid kit mounted on wall
    • Eye washing kit mounted on wall
    • Phone with outside line (phone #’s to Police, Fire, Ambulance, Poison Control)
    • Crisis Manual mounted on wall near exit