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Virtual High School

  • Welcome to Diman's Virtual High School Program (VHS). Through VHS, students can explore a wide range of courses that we cannot offer at Diman. Courses are entirely online, enabling students to participate both during school and at home.

    Students enrolled in a VHS course will learn effective online communication skills and time management while exploring course options not available at Diman. Experiencing the non-traditional learning format provided by VHS will also help college-bound students prepare for taking online courses in the future.

    Students are allowed to take a VHS in addition to, or in place of, their elective options built in to the Diman curriculum. VHS courses are open to juniors and seniors with a GPA of 3.0 or greater. Interested students should first reach out to their guidance counselor to begin the registration process.

    VHS Courses

    Download a printout of courses here, and click here for course descriptions.

    Download a sign-off sheet here.

    The Basics of Virtual High School

    Quick Overview

    • Available to Diman juniors and seniors with a 3.0 GPA or above
    • Students should fit the following requirements:
      • Be self-starters that are willing to work on their own
      • Have internet access at home
    • Two 15-week terms, or one 33-week full year term
    • Catalog at http://www.thevhscollaborative.org/catalog
    • Students need to be registered through Mrs. Dufour after approval from Guidance.
    • Half-year courses are worth 1.25 credits, while full-year courses are worth 2.5 credits


    • Vastly expands our course offerings, including nearly two dozen AP classes
    • Courses earn full honors and AP weight where appropriate
    • Allows students to explore outside interests
    • VHS courses take a break (or finish) in mid-December, with half-year courses starting again in late January and full-year courses starting in early January


    • No make-up/Student Success Plan opportunities
    • No real "vacations" in the spring, as students are expected to at least check in every week
    • Students need to do their VHS work during shop or co-op time

    Contact Mrs. Dufour (in room A218 or by email at kdufour@dimanregional.org) for more information or to register.

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