Jump Start Program

  • Diman will offer the following courses beginning the week of July 5, 2016:

    Normal Nutrition (34 hours)

    This course is planned to give the student a basic knowledge of food, its relationship to the promotion and maintenance of health and the nutritional needs of various age groups. Food constituents which meet these needs and influence good nutrition are studied. Also included are agencies concerned with nutrition and an overview of therapeutic diets. Any student requesting special accommodations is asked to see the program administrator.  This course is taught in a face- to-face format. 

    Normal Nutrition (34 Course hours) face to face classes will be offered from 8:00AM-12:00 PM on Tuesdays and Thursdays.  Face-to-face class dates are: July 5,7,12,14,19,21,26,28.  August  2 (last class).  Final Exam: 2 hours on August 4 at 8:00 a.m.

    Required textbook:  Nutrition and Diet Therapy, 6th edition.  Author: Lutz, ISBN: 0803637187

    Growth, Development & Behavior (36 hours)

    This course is designed to give the student a fundamental introduction to principles which will contribute to her/his understanding of the influence of social and emotional factors on relationships with patients, families and co-workers. The student is helped to recognize and appreciate those factors which affect human behavior such as cultural background, age, environment and illness as well as the influence of her/his own feelings and behavior. Topics of discussion include the influence of heredity and environment on personality development, maturity, physiological and psychological needs, common defense mechanisms and maladaptive behaviors. The course incorporates growth and development across the life span including developmental tasks as proposed by Erickson for each stage of the life cycle.

    This course will be offered as a hybrid online (Moodle format) course. Hybrid format consists of face-to-face class time and online learning activities.  All tests are administered at Diman.  Students are required to have computer access and basic Power Point skills.

    Growth, Development and Behavior (36 course hours) Face to face classes will be offered on Wednesday afternoons 7/6, 7/13, 7/20, 7/27, Aug 3  from 3:00PM-7:30 PM.  (30 Minute Break at 5PM). Online learning sessions will be sessions will be on Saturday.  Final exam Wednesday August 10th at 3: P.M.

    Required textbook:   Journey Across the lifespan, 5th edition.  Author: Polan.   ISBN: 0803639619

    Students are expected to bring their textbooks to the first class and to attend all classes.  The student guidelines for JumpStart 2016 will be available on the Diman web site with the Registration form.

    The final Day for course registration is June 20, 2016.

    JumpStart attendance policy:

    Each student is expected to attend each face-to-face class meeting for all courses they are registered for.  The JumpStart Program format moves rapidly through the content.  Any student who misses more than 10% of the required course hours will receive a failing grade for that course.  Nutrition 3.4 hours equals 10%, and GDB 3.6 hours equals 10%.