Plumbing Program Overview

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    The Plumbing Program provides students with  opportunities to experience numerous aspects of the trade. Students develop skills in assembling black steel pipe, copper tubing, and cast iron soil pipe. Safety is emphasized throughout the four-year program. Students are taught the proper use of hand and portable power tools. They are also exposed to welding as it applies to the plumbing trade.

    The junior and senior shop curriculum provides opportunities for live work, thus allowing them to work on school and community maintenance projects. Many of the plumbing and heating projects provide students with opportunities to use their mechanical aptitude and their ability to solve engineering problems through critical thinking skills and their ability to be creative.

Diman Plumbing Shop


  • Diman Advisory Board Seeks Your Help

    We want you to join the Diman family. While we're proud of our vocational programs and their ability to turn young men and women into skilled members of the community, we can't maintain that level of quality without the help of industry professionals. Please consider joining our Vocational Advisory Board, where you will help steer our vocational programs and students toward future success. Learn more and apply here.

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Plumbing Skills & Careers

  • Students graduating from Diman have a variety of job options open to them. Below is a partial list of jobs Diman grads from this program are qualified for, depending on their level of education.

    Diman Diploma 2 Year College 4 Year College
    • Apprentice Plumber
    • Plumbing Supply Worker
    • Waste water treatment facility worker
    • Small business management
    • Residential plumber
    • Commercial plumber
    • Systems engineer
    • Civil engineer
    • Water treatment scientist

    Skills & Skill Areas

    • Assembling Steel Piping
    • Assembling Copper Tubing
    • Assembling Cast Iron Pipe
    • Assembling Plastic Pipe
    • Supporting Pipe
    • PVC/ABS Supporting Pipe
    • Drill Notching Cutting
    • Installing Hot Water Appliances
    • Repair & Maintenance
    • Metal B-Vent Gas Chimney
    • Oil Storage System
    • Hydronic Heating System
    • Radiation (Heating)
    • Heating Accessories
    • Boiler Controls
    • Clearing Stoppages
    • Installing Gas Piping
    • Water Pumps
    • Blackflow Preventers
    • Special Waste
    • Rouging Fixtures
    • Venting Fixtures
    • Installing a Water Distribution System

In the News

  •  Students working in Westport

    Coming to your town: Construction projects done by Diman students

    Students at Diman Regional Vocational Technical High School are taking the lead on two construction projects in the community, building an on-site restroom for cemetery workers in Westport and a building addition for a local nonprofit. (1/24/23)

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  •   Culinary arts students

    Diman students in demand

    Looking for a job? You’re in luck, with experts saying that the current job market offers historic levels of open positions across a wide swath of industries. “It’s the first time when the leverage is really in employees’ hands,” said Kevin Lazaro, Director of Cooperative Education at Diman Regional Vocational Technical High School. “I’ve seen a lot of changes, but I’ve never seen such a boon of job opportunities across a multitude of industries.” (6/15/22)

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  • (L->R) Kyle Cabral (plumbing) and Logan Sandbichler (HVAC)

    PHCC All-Stars Announced

    Congratulations to both Logan Sandbichler (HVAC) and Kyle Cabral (Plumbing) for receiving the All Star awards from the Plumbing, Heating and Cooling Contractors Association (PHCC) at their annual trade show last Saturday.  Logan and Kyle’s hard work, professionalism and dedication helped them earn this title, which includes a $500 scholarship and a tool bag filled with industry tools. (3/17/22)

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  •  Group photo with equipment

    Donations to Diman do double duty

    One donation benefited two shops recently at Diman, when Liberty Utilities donated equipment to both the Plumbing program and the Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning, and Refrigeration program. The equipment was donated in March of 2018 and included two unused furnaces, a used furnace, an air condenser, and a pair of industrial-sized heaters. (3/27/18)

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  •  Representatives from Diman, People Inc, and the city of Fall River

    Single, foster mom winner of Fall River home built by Diman students

    A single, foster mom of three children has her shot at moving out of her apartment and into her own home. Donna Handler’s number was chosen by lottery Friday afternoon to purchase a home on Duluth Street built by the students of Diman Regional Vocational Technical High School. (5/30/17)

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  •  Some of the Diman teachers and students involved in building this year's house for a qualifying fir

    Diman students help the American dream come true by building a new house

    Other than getting your kids more education than you ever had, home ownership is probably the most-desired piece of the American Dream.

    At 132 Duluth St., in the Maplewood neighborhood, a piece of the American dream is a neat ranch house that is almost finished, ready for a lucky first-time homebuyer. (3/24/17)

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