Machine Tool Technology Program Overview

  • The Machine Tool Technology Program offers students the opportunity to experience the latest technology in the advanced manufacturing industry. Machine Tool Technology students receive training through hands-on experience that replicates operations used in industry. Metal parts are produced through the use of lathes, millers, surface grinders, Computerized Numerical Control (C.N.C.) machines, electrical discharge machines, and heat-treating.

    Graduates can gain employment as manufacturing technicians, inspectors, machinists, tool and die makers, and computerized numerically controlled programmers. For those students wishing to go on to higher education, opportunities include mechanical engineering, manufacturing engineering, industrial engineering, and vocational teaching opportunities.

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Skills & Careers

  • Students graduating from Diman have a variety of job opportunities open to them. Below is a partial list of jobs Diman grads from this program are qualified for, depending on their level of education.

    Diman Diploma 2 Year College 4 Year College
    • Entry level machinist
    • Production worker
    • CNC Operator
    • CNC Set-up Person
    • CNC Programmer
    • Quality Control Technician
    • Apprentice Tool Maker
    • Maintenance Machinist
    • Tool and die machinist
    • Production engineer
    • Quality control engineer
    • Foreman
    • Mechanical engineer
    • Metallurgist technician
    • College instructor

    Skills & Skill Areas

    • Language of Measurement & Quality Control
    • Hand Tools & Processes
    • Horizontal & Vertical Band Machines
    • Lathes, Introduction & Operation
    • Hand Tapping Processes
    • Outside Threading (Die Cut)
    • Reaming Technology, Hand & Machine
    • Milling Machines (Vertical)
    • Milling Machines (Horizontal)
    • Computerized Numerical Control Milling
    • Computerized Numerical LATHE
    • Surface Plate Work
    • Heat Treating
    • Electrical Discharge Machining
    • Belt Sander
    • Surface Grinders
    • Power Hacksaw
    • CAD-CAM Programming
    • Coordinate Measuring Machine
    • Smart LATHE Programming

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